21st Century Living Trust

The Estate Process — protecting the heirs’ inheritance

Setting up a Trust is the best way to ensure that your final wishes for your heir’s inheritance are being carried out, but even when the documents are in place, there are things you should be doing to continue to protect the inheritance against certain risks. We help ensure the heirs are protected against the complication of Divorce, Bankruptcy, Law Suits, SSI Disability and future Tax concerns.

Remarriages — protecting each other’s families

Updating your documents after remarriage is a crucial step in carrying out your final wishes. If something unforeseen should happen and you still have your former spouse listed as the heir, things could get really messy and costly with a potential court battle and legal fees that will cause undue stress. We can protect each other’s family against inequity of the survivor.

Kids as POA & Successor Trustee — handling the parent’s estate

We never want to admit that our parents are getting old, but this cold, hard truth can be made even more detrimental when provisions have not been made to protect their best interests. Should one or both of your parents become incapacitated, decisions will need to be made on their behalf. We can help you understand your rights and take you through the process of naming a Power of Attorney and your fiduciary duties in prudently handling your parent’s affairs.

Death of a Spouse — surviving the loss

The transition after losing a spouse is difficult enough without adding extra financial pressures. We can help you sort through your affairs and develop a strategy to ease the burden.

While many widows and widowers seek out our help, it is important to keep in mind that there are more options available to prepare for this moment while both of you are still living.

While change is certain, it can be difficult without the right resources

“What about it Bob?” is here to help you make the transition into retirement as seamless as possible and adapt to the many changes you will experience by providing the solutions to this new stage in your life with our Educational approach that includes Estate Planning, Retirement Income/Annuities, 401k Rollover, Long Term Care, Reverse Mortgage and Tax Planning.

When it comes to Estate Planning, it’s not about the size of your estate, but the needs of your family. Without the proper provisions in place, you and your heirs may be at the mercy of the state. Estate Planning helps you maintain control, and the best time to plan is NOW, before a crisis occurs.

Our expert team of Estate Planners at “What about it Bob?” educates you on the steps to take to protect your wishes while you are still living, and continue protecting them after you are gone.

We Care About Your Retirement Security

After my husband’s death, Bobby helped me to establish my trust account. Thanks to him and his staff, I am now in an amazing financial position. As we finished up, he told me my mantra should be “fly first class.” Because of him, I can, and do.

— Marilyn